Are you ready to fall in love with who you really are, and live your Heart’s desire? As we gather in Magickal Living, we are a murmuration, like starlings. Being a member of a community facilitates this Magick Makeover.

sparkling lightsWe are jewels sparkling on Indra’s Net, the sum of the individuals much greater than each individual light alone.

I have held a vision for decades of beings gathering in the HeartField, where minds are illumined. Sharing experiences, inspiring each other, and exploring Magickal Living together.

Members of the community may have completed my courses, have watched the videos on my Magick Makeover public Facebook page or in other groups I’ve been holding, or they may recognise the frequency of Magickal Living and feel drawn to join with like-hearted playmates in the Keyala Community, a community drawn to live from the HeartField.

Together we are sowing the seeds for this radical culture shift to living on purpose in full spectrum expression of the four yogic flowers – purpose, pleasure, abundance and freedom; enjoying our Keyala, the Bengali word for spontaneous whim or fancy.

Join us and let’s develop this Community together, hand on heart.

Benefits of Membership

There are various expressions of fulfilment… to simply express, fulfil desires and enjoy refining your ability to stop getting in your own way. To allow and enhance fulfilment in all areas of expression, finance, relationships, health and well-being, creativity and more.
There is an underlying purpose and result: that of discovering the power of your sovereign nature as Source energy to transform the shadow, appreciate, and create a new way of being. Community enables the acceleration of this new way of being. Beings with a similar purpose and frequency are naturally drawn together.
Exploring and playing at this together in a murmuration enhances the flow of all this individual satisfaction and collective conscious evolution.
We experience natural effortless emergence, well-being and the yogic flowers of fulfilment of purpose, expression of abundance, enjoyment and freedom.Being in community is a powerful way to discover and enhance your ability to become who you really are, refining  your mastery in the company of others with a similar focus.
Training your mind in a collective enables greater awareness and withdrawal of projection.
The power of being together creates a stronger focus. We experience the power and each one shines with the combined energy of the whole.
Being in a focussed group creates a culture which keeps you on track. You participate in creating the community. These are natural benefits of being together.

You receive mutual attention and my attention, creating a space of high frequency, increasing synchronicity, spontaneous Keyala.

What Does This Look Like?

Participation in regular live gatherings and videos for Q & A, activations and inquiries and trainings. Small group and one-to-one meetings with each other in Heart Communication.
Special rates / discounts for public courses on line, webinars and in-person events.
Preference as we establish the International Quantum Heart Communication / Reality Training.
The opportunity to assist on Quantum Reality Training retreats.
Previews of books, and more.

membershipBecome clear about what you really would love to allow into your life, seeing EVERY situation in your life as an upgrade

We are like a little acorn, growing into a beautiful oak tree.

Develop your neural pathways, inquire and explore within the combined energy of the Community

An incubation space to allow us to fulfill our greatest potential, embodying the quantum state, as unlimited beings

Embrace and embody your true magnificent identity

Allow the expansion of the conscious mind embracing the unknown

Know and love yourself more with simple steps to full spectrum living

Experience the freedom from transforming fear – for yourself, for the world around us

Enjoy your freedom to play with lifting the glass ceiling – and imagine at least seven impossible things before breakfast!

Engage and express in a new language of the Heart

Embodying this knowledge of the HeartField until it becomes innate, and changes your life

… there are so many benefits to define, as we are each individual diamonds which together SHINE in our magnificence

We are completely committed to enabling each individual diamond to shine – with the enhanced power of being in a group, in union, in yoga.

Membership Packages

Free Membership

  • Join Jeanette Kishori McKenzie’s Magick Makeover Facebook Page
  • Enjoy free videos on Magickal Living on the Magick Makeover Facebook Page
  • Receive a quarterly Magick Makeover Newsletter from Jeanette Kishori McKenzie
  • Receive a free video about getting started with a Magickal Creation Notebook, for living on purpose

Register HERE for free membership, or read on for details about a deeper level of exploration in Keyala Portal Membership


Keyala Portal Membership

cobwebParticipating in Keyala Portal Community Membership includes:

  • An activation of the HeartStar and living in the HeartField video by Jeanette Kishori McKenzie
  • An invitation to participate in 2-3 live online Q&A sessions per month with Jeanette
  • A Members’ Discount on Magick Makeover courses and programmes
  • A quarterly Newsletter
  • A private Keyala Community Platform where Jeanette will post spontaneous videos, and members share experience in Magickal Living
  • Priority in attending Magick Makeover gatherings and retreats in Devon, England and internationally
  • Regular Bonus sessions on the transforming Power of Eastern wisdom, including the Dashamahavidya and Avadhuta Gita
  • Monthly Keyala Yoga tips in the Keyala Community Group
  • Be the first to read and review Magick Makeover books by Jeanette Kishori McKenzie
  • Monthly Alchemical Kitchen sessions

Investment: £25 per month, £250 per year*

*Bursaries and special terms may be available on request, with priority for Community members and those who have participated in my previous courses. Please apply here.

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